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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Photo Courtesy The Confident Captain

by Wanda Kenton Smith

RNO is proud to advocate for boating safety and while we are pleased to provide basic 1:1 onboarding education for our customers, we understand some would like to take a deeper dive.

We are pleased to provide some links to key boater education resources. We encourage you to invest in boater education for all members of your family.

https://www.cathywilliams.com – RNO has enjoyed a highly successful, long-standing professional relationship with local instructor and well-known industry towboat driver, Captain Cathy Williams of The Confident Captain. Many of our customers have taken 1:1 coaching/instruction from Captain Cathy who offers boat driving lessons for beginners through pros. Her area of instructional coverage includes everything from boat handling to docking, captain responsibilities, towing for different types of watersports, boating etiquette and knowledge of local lakes. For more info, visit her website or email: Cathy@CathyWilliams.com

Additional resources include the following:

CLICK HERE for U.S. Coast Guard Links – Boating Safety Class Resources

CLICK HERE for the U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App

CLICK HERE for the FL Boaters Handbook

CLICK HERE for BoatUS Boating Safety – Video Courses (Free Standard Course Available)

CLICK HERE for US Power Squadron Public Education Programs

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